Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well, the flight was uneventful. We spent a few days in Madrid and then took a train down to Almeria, where we picked up my in-laws'car and drove to the village. (You can see pics on google earth, Almanzora, Spain)
My father in law had eye surgery and cannot really move around too much and Guillermo has to do the driving. Great! With the travel we have to do this summer going up north and back down south, we'll probably log 24 hours in the car.

The kids really enjoyed the train ride. It was a new experience for them. But the question ""Are we in Almanzora yet?" still comes just as often in Spain as it does in Ohio!

Papa Guillermo checked himself into a "Residencia" (which is a nursing home) while my in-laws have been in Madrid for the eye surgery and all. We told the kids that he is on vacation at a fancy hotel. According to everyone it is like a fancy hotel. He likes it so much there he doesn't want to come home. He's happy there and has people that will listen to his stories about Germany and the war and the old days. As long as he comes to visit us while we are here, I think we are all happy with the arrangement. When one is 94 years old, it's not so easy to be home alone in such a big house.

This morning Maria and I were laying in bed listening to my mother in law and her mother talking. Maria says, "Mommy, it sounds like they are fighting". I said, "they are just talking, honey". She said, "well, they don't have to yell at each other!" I just chuckled. They always yell when they talk. I remember my parents making the same comment a few years ago when they visited. I just tune out and if someone wants my opinion I play dumb. :)

We are only going to stay down here for a week then it's back to Madrid and then up to La Coruña for Encarna Maria's wedding. Speaking of Encarna Maria, her little baby, Gloria is 11 months old now. She is so adorable. She doesn't like me too much, she cries every time she sees me. (Can you believe that Hunter Ridge friends? A baby that cries every time it sees me! I am dying here!!!) She does love Carlos and Maria, though. And her tito Guillermo, of course (who doesn't love Guillermo!)

Will try to post more, but we are sort of "incomunicado" with my phone NOT WORKING over here! The jerk who works at the Verizon store in Twinsburg is going to get a talking to when I get home!

Love to everyone. Carlos and Maria will be desperate for company of their own age when we get back. I fear they won't have many kids around this summer to keep them entertained.

Stay tuned...

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