Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain wins their semifinal match!

So, today Spain played Germany in their semifinal match for the World Cup. We have lots of friends that were rooting for Germany, and we wish them all the best in their 3rd/4th place game against Uruguay. (I especially hope the Kissner girls and the Niek family will still be our friends.) We'll be playing the final against Holland. Bring on the orange! Dennis and Guillermo will still be friends after this game, I hope... :) We watched the game on the edge of our seats. It was a good one. There was some good plays and good shots and great saves. No penalties, it ended a pretty clean game. Like Guillermo said, playing against Germany, he knew that soccer would actually be played and the winner would know they won a clean game. The goal was phenomenal! Pujols headed in a corner kick! I love those kind of goals. After the game we took to the streets along with probably the rest of Spain. It was amazing. Everyone was outside yelling and blowing those annoying horns and waving flags. We walked an hour to the soccer stadium where people gathered to watch the game on a big screen the tv station put up. It was wild! I got some video of all the people and traffic and horns blowing. Guillermo was just like a little kid on Christmas morning opening up that special present.
Now we have to prepare for the big final game on Sunday. But the party won't end here, as I said before, Spain has never made it to the semifinals in the World Cup, so whatever happens, the team will be welcomed as heroes when they return next week. There will surely be a parade and we'll try to go see them.

The kids are tired, but excited. It will be an exciting weekend around here. Stay tuned...
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  1. I was so excited for you when I saw that Spain is in the finals! How fantastic that you are there to experience it firsthand...something the kids will never forget!